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Oct 20, 2011 at 05:10 AM

How to shift cursor from one field to another on selection screen



On the selection screen, I have many fields, like material code, plant, valuation type etc.

Materoal Code,

Serial Number


Valuation type, and many other fields

those fields are on selection screen my requirement is when user enter the material code in Material code field and when he press the enter the cursor should come in the second filed Plant and so on, how to do this i dont want to use keyboard keys lik TAB, Arrow key, because I am entering the data on selection screen., with a scanner device and on that device there is one command which act as ENTER key of the keyboard. after after entring the data in first field when the scanner gives the enter command i am doing som e validation for the given field value then want to shift the curson position to next field..