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Oct 20, 2011 at 04:35 AM

parallel processing time limit


Hi Experts,

My req. is to run the parallel processing with huge data. (More than 15 million)

For parallel processing is the waiting condition must. i am facing one issue like if the waiting time is 600 seconds then i got the timeout over there.If the time is not given then it run for infinite time. as per i know if i do not put waiting condition( Start_task = finish_task) then i may lost some data which is not expected.

My code is like that.

add 1 to start task if call FM subrc = 0.

add 1 to finish_task when inside the performing subroutine.

and check the wait until start_task = finished_task outside of the loop.

(i.e. Outside of loop i check , But the end_task value will increase inside the performing subroutine which i am checking in the main session, Will that value will pick when checking wait condition.)

How can i handle this scenario?

Another question:

Wait until V1 = V2 up to 1000 seconds.

About this statement if V1 = V2 after 50 seconds then it continues procesing OR if V1 = V2 found it still wait up to 1000 seconds?



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