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Former Member
Oct 20, 2011 at 02:48 AM

Fiscal Period Configuration Changes


HI Experts,

Current Configuration of Fiscal Period is always from 25th of this month to 26th of next month. But there was a request to change that in the Fiscal Period 12.

Is it possible to change the Fiscal Period 12 this year 2011: from 26th of the month of November 2011 to 31st of December; then Fiscal Period 1 of 2012: from 1st January to 25th of January?

Here are the Summary of Subsequent Changes:

Period 12 of 2011 from 26/11/2011-25/12/2011 to 26/11/2011-31/12/2011.

Subsequent year the fiscal year period will be change to the following:

1 u2013 1/1/2012 u2013 25/1/2012

2 u2013 26/2/2012 u2013 25/2/2012

3- 26/3/2012 u2013 25/2/2012



11 u2013 26/10/2012 u2013 25/11/2012

12 u2013 26/11/2012 u2013 31/12/2012

Is there a great impact on this concerning incorrect Reports on the General Ledger?

Thank you so much for your insights.