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Mar 17, 2005 at 01:34 PM

Firefox problem displaying .NET iview


Hello All,

I've noticed that when using Firefox to view a .Net iview I'm getting this error:

Could not load type SAP.Web.UI.Controls.Renderer.Design2002.NETSCAPE5Renderer from assembly SAP.Web.UI.Controls.Renderer.Design2002, Version=, Culture=neutral,

I found some information regarding Design2002 in BSP development in a SAP note that says that Firefox is not supported, however, in Design2003 it is.

Does anyone know of a way to use Design2003 instead? It appears to be linked to the theme being used... We're currently using the out-of-box theme "SAP Tradeshow" but can't see where this particular item would be set in this theme or a copied (customer) theme.

Other Details:

EP6 SP10

J2EE WAS 6.4 SP10

MSSQL 2000 sp3

Windows 2003 Server

.Net PDK Patch 2 on VS.Net 2003

Framework 1.1

Any help is much appreciated! Many of our users are/would be using Firefox.

I've also posted this in the .net forum...