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Oct 20, 2011 at 01:21 AM

Update the fetched/uploaded doc?



My requirement is as follows (i have to develop a report/prog./FM to meet the following functionality),

1) MicroSoft word documents are available in the LAN, say, my_ms_word_doc

2) I need fetch my_ms_word_doc and add some text (at a fixed position in my_ms_word_doc), text/value/data will be pulled from SAP data base

3) after the 2nd step, send (updated) my_ms_word_doc to outlook email inbox

or we can convert my_ms_word_doc into a PDF doc and send this converted PDF to outlook inbox.

Here, main point is UPDATing the fetched the my_ms_word_doc

Pls. let me know How can i get achieved this requirement?

Thank you