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Oct 20, 2011 at 01:16 AM

ITS Mobile RF user exit screens incorrect screen size while standard fine


Hi All,

User exit screens from function group XLRF and XLHU that use subscreens are overflowing horizontally on the handheld device while the standard screens and full custom transactions look good. So solutions like note 1242897 may not be appropriate.

More detail:

The standard screens have been generated from SAPLLMOB using mobile devices (recieving layouts) as the generating style. They look fine on the handheld device. In addition custom transaction have been made that also look fine. These both have normal screen for the dynpro screen type.

Doing the screen exits using CMOD enhancement MWMRF* creating the screen as subscreen (copying the standard and modifying to SAPLXLRF and SAPLXLHU) the screens overflow horizontally. The screens look even worse using the browser test.

Is there a different process when generating the templates for the internet service when a subscreen is involved. Mobile devices (without HTML tables ) looks better but is also not correct.

Ideas for the correct subscreen process?