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Oct 19, 2011 at 08:16 PM

"Ordered" Quantity Wrong in Item Master


I have a client that found the "ordered" quantity in the item master is incorrect for a specific item. After some research, I have found that this is the scenario that caused it:

1.) Production Order created with planned quantity of 1.

2.) Reported completion for quantity of 1.

3.) Again reported completion for quantity of 1 (in error).

4.) To avoid variances, the client physically manufactured another item and changed the planned quantity to 2.

5.) Production Order closed.

When looking at the item master for this item, it thinks there is still 1 on order (even though the production order is closed, there were 2 planned, and 2 completed). I have replicated this is a demo system. Is there any known way to fix this without sending the database to SAP? Is there any available query to run to find discrepancies in the "ordered" quantity? Thanks for the help.