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Oct 19, 2011 at 07:26 PM

Prob in entering custom wagetype in IT0008 and IT2010


I have created a custom wage type 9b01. It is supposed to be calculated based on the no of hrs entered for an employee and the amt should be calculated automatically.

I am successfully able to do that by entering this wage type in infotype 2010(and entering no of hrs) for an employee.

Now the problem is instead of entering it in infotype 2010 i want to enter it in basic pay IT0008 along with MB10. But in IT0008 , we are asked to enter the amt directly which I cant enter for 9b01(since it is to be calculated during payroll run automatically based on no of hrs).

Another reason why i want to enter it in IT008 instead of IT2010 is that in IT2010 it allows me to enter only 1 wagetype for an employee. In case if i have 2 custome wagetypes , i am not able to use IT2010 (since it doesnt provide me with the table control for entering wage type unlike IT0008)