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UNIX Dispatcher - Questions around Java options and Runtime engines?

Hello IDM Gurus,

I had some general questions around UNIX dispatchers and was hoping you could answer some of them (or all of them if possible!):

When configuring the Java options within the SAP IDM MMC are these options like classpath exentions, JDBC driver names, jars and such, all being used only for Windows dispatchers? Or are these same settings being used for UNIX dispatchers also?

If not, how are these same settings supposed to be configured for UNIX dispatchers? If you are only using UNIX dispatchers

are you not even expected to set up these Java options within the MMC?

Are the JAVA classes, drivers, etc automatically picked up from the UNIX environment's inherent JAVA setup through the SH script files?

Does threading / multiple runtime engines work when using only UNIX dispatchers? or is multithreading only a feature that will work when using a WINDOWS dispatcher?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Oct 19, 2011 at 08:45 PM

    Hi Sandeep

    This document from SAP might be of help;

    How to... Setting up An Identity Management Dispatcher On A UNIX Host Flavor

    Most of the IDM java settings are set within the dispatcher_service*.prop file you may need to correct some of these post install. From what I have seen so far threading works as per Windows.

    I've normally always set the MMC values to Windows environment, generate the dispatcher, copy the files across then adapt the parameters to there UNIX counterpart.



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    • Former Member

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for your quick response! Yes; We actually used that How-to-guide and have successfully got our dispatcher finally running within UNIX, after creating the service scripts and then manually updating them for our environment, but the guide never mentioned anything about the sync with the MMC JAVA settings and a UNIX dispatcher; I figured that since most of the JAVA settings for a UNIX dispatcher are done offline like you said within the prop and sh files, and if you were ONLY using a UNIX dispatcher for your configuration, you could very well not fill any of the JAVA related options within the MMC; it seems logical to just not set anything related to JAVA within the MMC then, but I wasn't too sure if this would just end up eventually breaking a bunch of things in your environment.

      As for threading, I changed the number of runtime engines from within the MMC a couple of times and regenerated the dispatcher scripts but within the prop and sh files I never saw any setting or variable that seemed to relate to threading or runtime engines; so, I assumed that it was something that just worked implicitly with ONLY dispatchers in Windows dispatchers and not UNIX, because I have used the setting in the past and it did work as expected within a Windows dispatcher. Have you by chance happened to use threading within a UNIX environment?

      Thanks and Best regards,