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Oct 19, 2011 at 02:28 PM




I am trying to create the following query but am either overthinking the solution or just being completely inept.

Basically it is as follows:

Rows containing Company code and the Document currency.

Columns containing Vendor and then Key Figure (Amount).

There is a month year variable used on the query so results will vary widely depending on what the user selects.

The user is happy with report but would like a total for each Vendor and for each currency.

Obviously a normal total put on this now results in a * when currencies are mixed.

What is the best solution to achieve this?

At the moment I am thinking of coding this in VBA so that the calculation is done via the SAPBEX code at runtime. Im sure I could do this but im not exactly an expert at using the SAPBEX code and it would probably take a fair bit of time to figure out.

Am I overthinking this? Im sure I am missing a dead easy way of doing this.