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Oct 19, 2011 at 01:48 PM

BPM help please


Hi Gurus,

I tried to search on SDN about BPM design for raising exceptions, but there are not many blogs on it.

I am calling a third party synchronous webservice in BMP. The WSDL has 3 messages in it, a request, a response and an exception message.

I send a request and get a response and all works good. But when validation is not successful in the third party webservice, I get a "exception message" as a response in the same interface. I do not have any mapping for the "exception message" and this is where I face the real problem. The mapping fails and it goes to the error queue (smq2) and any further successful messages also go in the same queue and stuck there. I tried exception handling in BPM, but it is all very confusing.

Could someone provide me any useful documents or blogs on this please?

Any reply will be much appreciated.