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Oct 19, 2011 at 12:58 PM

Prod Cost Collector Settlement error - Complete PA transfer structure A1


Dear Experts,

When I execute KK87 (Prod Cost Collector settlement) , Im getting the below error.

I went to KEI1 and checked the setting 950051 secondary cos element is in the assignment included in the CE group.

Variance Category - QTYV

Value Field - "1", "3", VV166 assigned.


Complete PA transfer structure A1

Message no. KD514


There is no value field assignment for cost element 950051 / variance category QTYV in PA transfer structure A1, or

PA transfer structure A1 has no assignments, or

No "Origin" is maintained for the assignments in PA transfer structure A1 (cost element group and, if applicable, variance category)


Action by system manager:

Complete the PA transfer structure or assign another PA transfer structure to the sender.

The system takes the default PA transfer structure from the settlement profile when you maintain the settlement rule for the sender. Maintain the settlement profile as necessary.