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Oct 19, 2011 at 11:45 AM

SSF: How to handle error when trying to print unknown graphic



I have a sales order confirmation smartform printing a dynamic graphic - the graphic name is a variable like &GV_DRAWING&.

The variable graphic name is constructed depending on configuration of a sales order item.

The config characteristic "DRAWING" can have values 1,2,3 and depending of this value I construct the graphic name DRAW1, DRAW2 or DRAW3.

I have loaded 3 graphics with these names in SE78 and everything works fine,


If someone in future expands the characteristic to also allow value 4, but no DRAW4 is loaded in SE78, the sales orders with value 4 will not print any order confirmation - there will be no error message - simply no print.

Now a programmer can probably trace this error, and after a days works find error message ssfcomposer 159 and say: "Ahaaa we need to load a DRAW4 graphic".

How can I program a better solution, that will simply print the order confirmation without the graphic or maybe issue an error message explaining the problem?

Best regards