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Oct 19, 2011 at 09:07 AM

Customized report on slow moving items


n MC46 we get a report on slow moving items.Suppose we have execute dthe report today(19.09.2011) and number of days we put on the selection screen say 400 days.The report will give list of materials say X1,X2 and X3 which have not moved for 400 days.

We again execute the report today say 19.10.2011.Now the report gives say list of materials X1 and X3 which have not moved for 400 days.Therefore from the period 19.09.2011 to 19.10.2010 X2 material have moved out from the list .The reason may be that it is issued to cost center or issued to production.

The user tried to use V look up to get the list of materials which have moved during period 19.09.2011 to 19.10.2010.The user informed that when he is saving the report in local file the texts are getting saved in text format in excel file and hence he is unable to apply VLOOK up.

Is there any Tcode in SAP from where i can get the list of missing material Or else can someone help me in preparing the functional specification


Manash Das