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Oct 19, 2011 at 03:12 AM

rounddown value in pricing procedure


Hi All,

Please help me regarding the below issue,

In my pricing procedure gross price is derived from sum of cost price and markup price.

In other words,qty 100 and exchange rate is 2.9usd

ZCOST --- COST PRICE --- 32.5 myr EA --- 1120.69usd { (32.5*100)/2.9=1120.6895}

ZMARK --- MARKUP --- 30% myr EA --- 336.20usd { 1120.69*30% = 336.20}

GROSS PRICE --- 14.57 usd EA --- 1456.89usd

the cost price condition type is rounded up

the markup price condition type is rounded down

Ideally gross price should be 14.5689

System rounded off to two decimal that is 14.57

I want system should give me round down value like 14.56 only

As gross profit is not condition type and cannt config rounddown rule.

My query ,is this the standard sap behaviour and can we change it to round down with existing routines in pricing procedure?


with the help of ABAPer and creating new routine. if so what could be the logic.

Please provide me answer and forgive my unfamiliarity