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Oct 18, 2011 at 11:43 PM

JDBC receiver and sender concern



In one of the sender JDBC communication channel we have below queries,

1) Sender comm channel

select * from table1 where flag = ' '

update table1 set flag ='X' where flag = ' '

We are setting the flag to X to identify which entries are read.

Suppose while setting the flag 'X' if the user inserts new values which were not part of my selection during the retrieval then the new entries which are not part of my select query would also be set to 'X'.

2) Receiver JDBC comm channel

file to jdbc

suppose i have 1 file with 100 entries inserting into JDBC table. I see that if there is any error at 50th record during insert then database is not rolling back the 50 records that are updated.

Kindly suggest your inputs .