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Oct 18, 2011 at 03:18 PM

Phase Add_ON_Conflicts: Include CRT SAPKITL429: Solman upgrade


Hello Everyone

I have been trying to update Solution Manager System 7.0 Ehp1. While trying to upgrade SAP_ABA and SAP_Basis i am receiving an error : Phase Addon_Conflicts

Component: SAP_Basis

Release: 701

Support Package: SAPKB70103

Information on Conflict Resolution: Include CRT KITL429.

I downloaded CRTKITL 429 and tried to update it through SPAM but i get an message " No Valid Queue for ST-400".

I checked the pre-requisites for SAPKITL 429: Under pre-requisite set 01 i have SAP_ABA 701, SAP_BASIS 701, SAPKA70103, SAPKB70103, ST-400 SAPKITL428 ALL WITH A GREEN CHECK MARK NEXT TO IT.

Under Pre-requisite set 02 i have SAP_ABA 702, SAP_BASIS 702, SAPK-702DHINSAPBASIS ALL with a red X mark next to it. I have installed Solman 7.0 EhP1 but unable to find SAP_ABA 702, SAP_Basis 702. My kernel release is 701 and support package level is 32 but why is it asking for SAP_ABA 702.

Does it mean i have to upgrade my Kernel first.

Kindly help.


Ahmed Nawaz