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Oct 18, 2011 at 01:48 PM

Vendor replication issue



I have problem in replicating a vendor in BBPGETVD.

In my client system, vendors are getting created in ERP via custom built portal solution, where we do not have proper

validation for country key. That made user to enter example: FIN as country code for Finland (but as per SAP it should be FI).

and vendor master gets created with country code as FIN in ERP. We have a back-ground job to replicate vendors to SRM. When job tried to replicate this vendor, giving error message in SLG1 log as

"Error: Error while Creating Business Partner (BP) Module: BUPA_CREATE_FROM_DATA Vendor: xxxxxxxxxx"

"Country key FIN is not defined".

We realized the problem and corrected the country code to FI in vendor master in ERP. Later when we replicate this

vendor in BBPGETVD we are still end up the same error message mentioned above.

Please help me in understand why replication failed even after country code corrected in vendor master. We are in ECS

SRM 4.0 SP12 with back-end ECC 6.0.