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Oct 18, 2011 at 01:27 PM

Add-on disconnected error during add-on install


Hi guys,

After the installation of SAP 8.81 PL08, something is changed in the user add-on installation or upgrade.

The problem happens in the clients where the add-on starts automatically or is started manually when needed.

After installing or upgrading succesfully our add-on on the SAP server without problems, the install or upgrade procedure starts automatically on every client as soon as the user connects to the add-on.

Our setup procedure, verifies if the add-on is active in the task list and automatically terminates it with a "kill".

Then the setup procedure goes through all the installation steps to refresh the local program.

This is the phase were the problem comes out: SAP tells in a message box that the add-on is disconnect asking if you want to "restart", "log-off the company" or "continue without the add-on".

If you respond "continue", the installation procedure ends succesfully and you can restart the add-on without problems.

It is like the task termination throw by the installation program wasn't recognized by SAP and it thought to have the old add-on still in place.

Till SAP 8.81 PL07 everything works fine.

Thank you for any help.