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Oct 18, 2011 at 12:44 PM

No "function for rework" menu exist in COR2



I have problem when I go to step number 4.I can't see this option (function for rework) using COR2..I also tested it using CO02 and cann't see this menu...I use ECC6.0 version...Do you know what's wrong with my ECC ?

Here is the guide from this linkage:


Use this procedure to rework a partial quantity of a process order.


A process order created and released (system status REL).



1. Choose: Logistics ® Production-Process ® Process Order ® Process Order ® Change

2. Enter the process order number to be changed and choose Operations.

3. Select the operation after which the rework recipe will be inserted.

The operation/phase cannot be part of a relationship network.

4. Select Operations -> Functions for Rework -> Rework Insert.

5. Enter the recipe group, the recipe, the plant, the operation quantity, and choose OK.

6. On the Assign Operation/Phase and Secondary Resource Numbers screen, assign the operations if required and choose Enter.

7. The system checks for the validity of the rework recipe. If it is valid, the operations from the rework recipe are inserted into the current process order with proper numbering.

8. Save the order.