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Oct 18, 2011 at 12:33 PM

WebCallback() class depricated in Netweaver 7.3



Currently we are implementing SAP Netweaver 7.3 SP02. we have used a custom login module in 7.0 and the Java coding was working perfect in 7.0. After upgrading to 7.3 our custom SSO module was not working anymore. We analyse on the same and found that the WebCallBack() class we used in 7.0 was depricated in 7.3 and we cannot use this anymore. Here we are getting the request URL from the class webcallback whcih we cannot achieve in 7.3. I have pasted the code where it is throwing error. Kindly suggest if there is any SAP provided Classed to get the request URL in Netweaver 7.3

HttpServletRequest request = null;

WebCallback wcb = new WebCallback();

callbackHandler.handle(new Callback[] );

request = wcb.getRequest();


Mahendran B.