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Oct 18, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Problem with ATP



The ATP logic is not working correctly as when a Sales Order is confirmed against a Process order, the calculated u2018Material Availability Dateu2019 always equals the u2018Process Order End Dateu2019. The process order may only be completed at the end of the day, while transport is available at the beginning of the day, or will only be scheduled for the next day. The current Pick&Pack lead time is set to 0 days. How to chnage the Pick&Pack time to 1 day to overcome this issue.

In some cases, SAP falsely assumes that transportation can be planned on the date of order entry/credit release (regardless of when this occurs):Eg. an order is entered and credit released at the end of the day, and the delivery/shipment can no longer be organized that same day.

This is always the case when:

u2013 Inventory is available, and u2026

u2013 The u2018Transportation Preparation timeu2019 = 1 day, and u2026

u2013 The SAP calculated confirmed date is later than the customer requested date.

u2018Transportation Preparation timeu2019 of minimum 2 days??

The current SAP configuration allows for sales orders to be confirmed on local country holidays. SAP does not take local country holiday calendars into account for the confirmation date calculation.

Please help,