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Oct 18, 2011 at 04:17 AM

How to use "Packaging UoM(Purchasing) & "Quantity per Packaging UoM"


Hi Mentors,

I'm currently experimenting with the UoM feature in a trial version of 8.81.

I'm not a business consultant by practice so I'm really not familiar with how things work in Business One.

In Item Master->Purchasing tab, there are 2 fields called "Packaging UoM(Purchasing) & "Quantity per Packaging UoM".

I tried to follow the example stated in [sbohelp|]

for the two fields by entering a Purchase Order, but I don't seem to get the 2 fields to work for me.

The "Purchasing UoM" & "Items per Purchase Unit" are easy to spot since its triggered by using the "Base Units/Inventory UoM" in A/P marketing documents.

But for "Packaging UoM(Purchasing) & "Quantity per Packaging UoM", I can't make it to work. Below is the one I'm trying to follow, which I got from SBOhelp link.

Packaging UoM (Purchasing), Quantity per Packaging UoM Enter the purchasing packaging unit, which is a multiple of the unit of measurement. In addition, define the quantity per packaging unit.


You buy containers of soft drink cases, and the container is the purchasing packaging unit. Each container consists of 10 cases, which means that "10" is the quantity per packaging unit.

If there is another post which explains this for newbies, please do post them.

Thanks in advance!