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Oct 17, 2011 at 10:21 PM

Direct Shipment using SNP Heuristics


Hello All,

I have a requirement of creating Direct Shipment from Manufacturing Plant to the Customer, instead of going through DC.

I went through the standard config of defining to "Create Direct Delivery using Transportation lanes" in SNP Global Data.

Also created a Transportation Lane between Manufacturing Plant and Customer Location and assigned the "Direct Delivery" indicator.


Created the Sales Order for Product A with delivering plant as DC.

DC created a dependant demand on Mfg Plant.

Created a Transportation Lane from Plant to Customer Location and assigned "Direct Delivery" indicator.

Assign TLB profile to the Transportation lane with weight restrictions.

Expected Result:

The SNP Heuristic should create a Direct Delivery STR from Mfg Plant to Customer Location, instead of going through DC.

Actual Result:

SNP still creates STR's from Manufacturing Plant to DC, instead of directly to Customer Location.

Pl let me know if i'm missing any setting.

With regards,