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Oct 17, 2011 at 07:37 PM

CREMAS05 is failing when posting without Company Code Data and Purchase Org



I am trying to post CREMAS05 into my target SAP ECC system using CREAMS05. In the incoming IDoc to ECC there are three segements

E1LFA1M-- Parent

E1LFB1M--Child ( Company Code data)

E1LFM1M--Child (Purchasing Org data)

But I am sending only Vendor Name and address which forms a part of LFA1 segement. I am not sending any company code (E1LFB1M) and purchasing org data(E1LFM1M) so these two segements are coming, but empty and I Doc's is failing in ECC since ECC is expecting values for Company Code and Purchase Organisation. But if I delete the segements E1LFB1M & E1LFM1M manually in WE19 and reprocess the Idoc's, it gets successfully posted.

So I conclude that if Purchase Org data and Company Code data are not coming from MDM then segements E1LFB1M & E1LFM1M should not get populated in SAP ECC because if segements are populated then it expects value for BUKRS and EKORG.

So, Is my understanding correct?? If yes, then what could be the solution ,so that CREMAS05 gets successfully posted in ECC regardless of Company Code data and Purchase Org data comes from MDM or not.

Please help.

Best Regards