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Former Member
Oct 17, 2011 at 07:25 PM

Requirement based on Storage section check active for storage type.


Hi Guys,

We have a scenario detailed below:-

Requirement is that System should propose the bin Automatically based on per the storage section check active in the material master let say if it is XXX(storage section), it should propose the bin in XXX section and if it is YYY, then system should propose the bin in the YYY storage section.

Now this requirement conflicts when we talk about the Production return scenario as below :-

If one material has the storage section indicator as XXX, then during putaway system do propose the bin in this section. as per the storage section indicator in the material master. But when the same material comes back from the production , then they uses the LT01/LT10 and wants this to be placed in the storage section YYY Only(as this is production return). But system doesn't allow them to do this. As we have the storage section check active in the configuration and in this case MM has XXX.

Is there any way , so that we can fulfill this requirement ?

Many thanks