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Oct 17, 2011 at 05:50 PM

Message no.8Z876 No time base defined for the revaluation key -Problem ABAW



I have a problem... I have a revaluation area (04: in local currency) and a parallel revaluation area (05: in hard currency) and I have to revaluate an asset, but I couldn't with Tx ABAW. The error is :

Message no. 8Z876 No time base defined for the revaluation key

I checked the configuration and I think it's all ok. I did some tests and I could revaluate only the Area 04 (local currency). Example:

Area 04: 500000 PEN

Area 05: 0 USD.

But this is a big problem for example when I make a transfer the asset to other because the revaluation Area doesn't transfer.

Can anybody please tell me how resolve this?



PD: I'm so sorry for my grammatical errors, I'm spanish speaker