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Oct 17, 2011 at 05:33 PM

Portal Error


Hi ,

iam using a webdynpro application to validate users whenever they click on ESS tab.A popup will appear when the users click on ESS tab and after giving credentails it will take the user to ESS worksets.

Ihave used navigateAbsolute method and passed the role parameters.The application was working fine earlier and we did the upgrade the application is not working.

iam able to see the authentication screen but when i give the credentials it is throwing an error as given below.I tried to debug the error and it contains no clue when it is in Debug mode.Below is NWA logtrace.


com.sapportals.portal.appintegrator.ApplicationIntegratorException: Unable to parse template '/webdynpro/resources<Request.DistributionZone>/<WDPB_Namespace>/<WDPB_ApplicationID><jsessionidInfo[IF_true PROCESS_RECURSIVE]>?sap-ext-sid=<ESID[url_ENCODE]>&sap-wd-cltwndid=<ClientWindowID>&sap-wd-tstamp=<$TimeStamp>&PagePath=<IView.ID[url_ENCODE]>&sap-wd-app-namespace=zzzz&sap-ep-version=<Request.Version[url_ENCODE]>&sap-locale=<Request.Locale>&sap-accessibility=<User.Accessibility[SAP_BOOL]>&sap-rtl=<LAF.RightToLeft[SAP_BOOL]>&sap-explanation=<User.Explanation[SAP_BOOL]>&sap-ls-useAnimation=<User.DisableAnimation[OMIT BOOL_NEGATE SAP_BOOL]>&sap-cssurl=<LAF.StylesheetUrl[url_ENCODE]>&sap-cssversion=<LAF.Version[url_ENCODE]>&sap-epcm-guid=<EPCF.Guid>&<Node.Mode.isRefresh>&DynamicParameter=<DynamicParameter[PROCESS_RECURSIVE URL_ENCODE]>&<ForwardParameters[QUERYSTRING]>&<User."".debugParameters>&<CustomerExitApplicationParameters[PROCESS_RECURSIVE]>'; the problem occured at position 562. Cannot process expression <LAF.StylesheetUrl>

and in NWA i saw 3 logs.

com.sapportals.portal.prt.component.PortalComponentException: Error in service call of Portal Component

Application name :

Component :

Component class : com.sapportals.portal.sapapplication.SAPApplicationIntegratorComponent

User : sridar


Message: Content pass of Application Integrator failed.

Component Name: '',

Context Name (iView): '',

Top Layer: 'WebDynpro/PageBuilder/TopLayer',

Producer ID (FPN): 'null',

System Alias: 'null',

In portal iam getting the below error.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Navigation could not be triggered without a navigation target

Thanks for help in advance.