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Oct 17, 2011 at 02:44 PM

MySAPSSO2 Cookie - Issue with clients?



I have MYSAPSSO2 cookie that is being generated by Java stack. My problem is that it is being accepted by one of my ABAP stacks and not the other.

All ABAPs stacks are set to accept cookies (login/accept_sso2_ticket = 1). Both ABAP stack certificates have been added to the ticket keystore of the Java stack and the Java stack certificate has been added to the Certificate List and the ACL (with client 000) of both ABAP stacks.

When I try to sign onto the non-working ABAP stack, I get the following error message in the trace file:

N Mon Oct 17 14:16:16 2011

N dy_signi_ext: LOGON TICKET logon (client 140)

N *** ERROR => dy_signi_ext: SSO TICKET logon with invalid client "140" [sign.c 10243]

Detailed trace doesn't give any more information.

The ABAP stack that sign-on is working for is client 140. The others are client 600. I didn't think MySAPSSO2 cookies could be generated in a client specific way from Java (i.e. it was always client 000).

Any ideas as to how to get the ticket accepted by this stack or what has changed to break this? I have tried reimporting certificates on ABAP and Java stacks for the non-working ABAP logon but no success.