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Oct 17, 2011 at 02:27 PM

Formula Variables in Report Painter- Syntac error in formula


Dear Experts,

I'm creating the report where I need to calculate annualized P&L. The formula is as follows : (P&L account/Period(variable ))*12

I need to capture the From_period, which is entered by the user on the selection screen when running the report and use it as a variable in the formula above. Example: If User insert From Period 3, then the formula should be *P&L accoun / 3 * 12*

I have tried so many different way but nothing seems to work. one of the ways i tried was:

In the general selection Im using set variable 6P-S-PERIOVB.CCSS for period which consists of variable V_PERIO and B_PERIO.

So Im trying to create a folowing formula:

IF 1 >= u2018PER_FRu2019 AND 1 <= u2018PER_TOu2019 THEN 1 ELSE 16

IF 2 >= u2018PER_FRu2019 AND 2 <= u2018PER_TOu2019 THEN 1 ELSE 16

Unfortunately I keep getting Syntac error in formula. Please help me I'm really desperate to solve this issue after 5 days of unlucky research.

Thank you in advance