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Oct 17, 2011 at 12:50 PM

Excel 2010 issue SP08


Hi Experts ,

I have an issue with Excel 2010 in BPC 7.0 MS SP08,when I open QA and logoff then logon PROD and then off viceversa ,then go back to QA to logon ,then I was able to duplicate expansion issue,hope the problem in Excel with disconnect from BPC server.

First time QA login its reads all files and open ,then QA off and open PROD its ok,then off prod and open 2nd time QA its conncet directly without any reading files,then Excel will not properly open in QA&POD vice versa

When I did manually forcing the BPC refresh the dimension memeber ,then load and reconncet to server,the reports are correctly open.SAP 1499751 reviewd but it is saying some limitation for supporting 2010 BPC 7MS SP08.

Pelase suggest .