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Former Member
Oct 17, 2011 at 12:11 PM

Set PO output email address


Dear SRM expert,

In My ECC system vendors are maintained with multiple email id. each email id is for specific purpose , not necessarily the standard email id is for PO output i.e for some the standard email id maintained is not the id to be used for sending PO output.

i have got thsoe vendor replicated in the SRM system and i do see multiple email id coming back to SRM too. the issue is how do i change the email id when PO is getting created in SRM based upon some logic. such that not always the standard email id is used for PO output,

we are in SRM 7.0 and have ECS implemented,

I did try BBP_DOC_CHANGE_BADI and try to change the E_MAIL field of the E_PARTNER table with partner fucntion 00000019 but still not successfull.

strangely my logic is working when i change edit the PO after PO is created but when PO is getting created automaticlly from SC approval the Code inside BADI BBP_DOC_CHANGE is not working as desired. i have debugged and do see the EMAIL getting changed and somehwere again its getting reverted.

Has anyone achieved the above functionlaity in a better way?

does DOC_CHANGE_BADI for BUS2201 work only when we edit po and not when PO gets created automaticlly?

Thanks in advance for any pointer and help.


Iftekhar Alam