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Oct 17, 2011 at 11:36 AM

Different currency Payment in HCM


Hi All ,

Currency issue for payroll posting :


We are implementing SAP HCM for 3 companies, in a single instaltion :

OMR is the Local currency , but USD is using as Comappny code currency by FI.(bcz most of the vendor paymnt will be pay n USD)

Client's employeement contrcat is signed in USD with below fixed rates

Company A, signed contract as 1 USD - 0 .700 OMR

Company - B, signed contract as 1 USD - 0 .800 OMR

Company - C, signed contract as 1 USD - 0 .900 OMR

In HCM Master dat awill be maintained in USD, but for local employee we need to pay in local currency , specific to above mentioned rates.

But FI have a different exchange rate which will be fluxuting a sper currency rates every day or week.

How we can manage this in SAP HCM ,

Execting better suggession from experts