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Oct 17, 2011 at 09:44 AM

data missing at Info object



We have 5 DSO'S from these 5 DSO'S data is going into one target DSO (DSO 6) and from this Target (DSO 6) Data is again loading into Info Object " Service contract".

DSO1---> DSO 6

DSO2---> DSO6

DSO3---> DSO6

DSO4---> DSO6

DSO5---> DSO6

After this from DSO6 ---> INFO OBJECT data is loading.

The problem here is some data is missingfrom DSO1and DSO 3 to the target DSO (DSO 6). when i observed the data is missing at master data Info object leval also but when i observed the data in source DSOs DSO1 and DSO3 data was there.

if i do REPAIR FULL LOAD the data is coming from the DSO1 to DSO6 and DSO3 to DSO6 after that DSO6 to Info object(Service contract) and later ATTR RUN and data is coming properly into infoobject and at report level also working fine.

the user is asking why its happenign like this so i did below analysis.

I did follwing analysis to find out why the data is not coming to data target (DSO 6 ) from DSO1 and DSO 3. to avoid this REPAIR FULL LOAD.

1. I have checked any common fields mapping there between DSOs. that is overwritting .But there are no commom fields mapping there.

2. In the process chain the data loading for all DSO's starting at same time in parallel but they are not completing at same time some fraction of second time gap there.

3 .I observed start routines. in the routine they are deleting some data based on flag in (DSO 3) and in (DSO 1) they are is code to check service contract as " NEW CONTRACT" based upon the data from DSO1, DSO2 and DSO3 active table " service conrtact start date and End Dates"

Can any body tell me what might be the reason for data is not coming to Target DSO (DSO6) and data is coming to target DSO when we do repair full load.

we need solution because always we can't load data by repair full load for single records. please help on this.