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Oct 16, 2011 at 06:19 PM

RE: Support Pack installation



I'm not a BASIS Consultant. But I'm trying to install a Support pack in the BW System.

Here are the steps that I'm following. But there is some issue with the support pack installation. Can anyone guide me where I'm wrong.

Basically I'm trying to install the SP6 for the BW system so that I can install the BPC 7.5 NW SP6 on the BPC side.


2. Load packages from the FrontEnd

3. Selected the package, open, decompress.

4. the file is extracted to the C:\usr\sap\trans\EPS\in folder.

5. run >cmd >SAPCAR -xvf K-75006INCPMBPC.SAR

6. The file is extracted to the C:\usr\sap\trans\EPS\in folder as CSR0120031469_0050776.PAT

7.Then I click on Installation Package >Load Package >From Application Server

8. This is the message that I'm getting.

Message Text OCS file already exists in inbox. Upload not required.

9. I do not know where I need to correct myself. Is there any guide or can You show me where I should search about the SP6 installation on the BW system.