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Oct 16, 2011 at 01:09 PM

Trigger BPC-Linked Pkg from BI - Create & Use of "LinkAnswerPrompt(XML)"?


Hello BPC Experts:

I really need help in triggerring a Linked Package in BPC via a Process Chain. I am aware of scheduling the pacakges but

since the BI Process Chain completion time is unknown, I would like to trigger it. There is a Program "UJD_TEST_PACKAGE"

that can be run to trigger it.... but all my attempts have failed because of Parameter/ Selections. I think the value for parameter

"Link AnswerPrompt (XML)" values are incorrect.

How can I find out the format of the values for this parameter and how to create it? I don't see any documentation on this.

Also, since the Package triggered is a "Linked Package" with 5 different packages in it, How can I send the parameter values for all the 5 packages so that they are triggered sequencially? Has anyone used this process?

The parameter used while doing manually is just compnay code or a set of company codes for each of the package. Not sure how to translate this into a file for 'Link AnswerPrompt(XML)'. Is there a particular folder where this file should be saved in?

Is there a naming convention and format for this file so that it is used correctly while triggering. I do not want to save it in my desktop or local machine since someone else could also be triggering this. So not sure where the file should be saved.

I ws not able to find any documentation on this. If anyone has used this process and could share the expereince, it is much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.....!

Best..... Shaun