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Mar 15, 2005 at 04:36 PM

Fill of tables and drop-down boxes


Hello to everyone,

I'm new at BSP's, and there are certain things that I can't understand about. For example, how a dropdown box or a table, it's gonna be filled. I know languages such as html and javascript but i'm a begginer at ABAP.

I searched a little in this forum for examples, but all the examples that I read, don't use the "flow" that standard BSP crm_ic views use, and I going insane to understand a couple of things. This is my last hope... 😔

For example, at view BuPaDetailB2B.htm, i have a little piece of code that produce a dropdown box:

<crmic:dropdownListBox id = "ContactInfoType"

table = "<%= <ContactInfoType_table> %>"

selection = "<%= ContactInfoType %>"

onSelect = "contactInfoChanged"

width = "100%"

nameOfKeyColumn = "KEY"

nameOfValueColumn = "VALUE" />


What I like to understand is where the code is gonna produce the content of this dropdownlistbox?? I see that it as a parameter table pointing to <%= <ContactInfoType_table> %>, but where normally this tables are builded? I didn't see any SELECT statement on this code, or in researchs to his controller class...

with an table the problem still the same. At viwe BuPaSearchB2B.html, at code:

<crmic:tableView design = "STANDARD"

id = "Basket"

table = "//BTOrder/Table"

fillUpEmptyRows = "true"

visibleFirstRow = "1"

visibleRowCount = "5"

columnWrapping = "false"

footerVisible = "false"

onRowSelection = "onRowSelection"

width = "100%"

selectionMode = "LINEEDIT"

iterator = "<%= btorder->iterator %>" >


<crmic:tableViewColumn columnName = "ACT_DATE"

title = "<%= otr(crm_ic_appl/irecdate) %>" />

<crmic:tableViewColumn columnName = "ACT_TIME"

title = "<%= otr(crm_ic_appl/irectime) %>" />

<crmic:tableViewColumn columnName = "CATEGORY_TXT"

title = "<%= otr(crm_ic_appl/channel) %>" />

<crmic:tableViewColumn columnName = "DESCRIPTION"

title = "<%= otr(crm_ic_appl/irecdescription) %>"

wrapping = "TRUE"

width = "30" />

<crmic:tableViewColumn columnName = "OBJECT_ID"

title = "<%= otr(crm_ic_appl/irecorder) %>" />

<crmic:tableViewColumn columnName = "STAT_TXT"

title = "<%= otr(crm_ic_appl/irecstatus) %>" />



I can figure out that a table is build by pointing the parameter table (again) to "//BTOrder/Table", but where the data is builded?? I searched inside it's classes and iterator, but once more, I didn't find any SELECTS or something configurable, that shouded permit me to change it's content.... 😔

Can't anyone help me to understand how the standards BSP's works?

A thousand thanks

Best Regards

Bruno Garcia