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Oct 15, 2011 at 04:53 AM

Copy Control Error for Cash Sale



I've configured new sales doc typ (ZGCS), billing doc type (ZGBV), delivery doc typ (ZGBV) by copying from std CS, BV, BV respectively and configured sales doc type to sales area. Also, I've maintained conditon record for out put using typ RD03. Maintained account determination for billing type ZGBV. Maintained billing typ ZNBV and delivery typ ZNBV for sales doc ZNCS. In the end configured shipping condition 10 (Immediately) for shipping pt determination.

When I execute VA01. I get the error "copying routine for table LIKP missing in table TVCPL"

I've maintained copy controls for order related delivery VTLA. Is there any specific copy control that i need to maintain in VTLA?

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