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Oct 14, 2011 at 04:22 PM

Material master data - Conversion in alternative unit of measure



I am faced today to a standard behaviour I do not understand.

The base unit of measurement is the KG. As we will have some projects with USA, we would like to add the units GAL as alternative unit of measurement.

In the additional data (in MM02), we have put the record :

1000 L = 943 KG

Then after, we have put

1000 GAL = 1 KG

I press 'Enter' and the values have been recalculated, this is normal as the conversion factor is not respected. I have obtained :

309 GAL = 1103 KG. In fact, no matter the first value, the system will put 309 GAL = 1103 KG

Indeed, now the conversion factor is respected, but I am surprised having

309 GAL = 1103 KG and not 1000 GAL = 3570 KG -> Can someone give me an explanation ?

If I press again 'Enter', the line 1000 L = 943 KG will be modified by 72 614 L = 68 475 KG -> Why these values have been calculated, as the conversion factor was correct ? -> Can someone give me an explanation?

What I know is that it's the FM 'CONVERT_TO_FACT5' who gives value = 309 in first case and 72 614 in second case. Do you know what is the use of this FM ? How is it working ?

Thanks or your help