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Oct 14, 2011 at 02:41 PM

Smartforms in Landscape mode not working on page two


Hi Everybody,

I am facing a rather special issue with Smartforms about Landscape printing and I'm out of solution. I've looked at other threads but I cannot find the correct solution to my issue.

I defined only 1 page in my form. It is set with DINA4 and Landscape orientation. The printing works fine for the first page but when my report has a second page it is printed in Portrait mode. The print preview displays all pages in Landscape but when they are physically printed, the second page is Portrait.

I manually calculate the number of lines to print in a loop and change page with a Command Node. Before starting printing each page I execute a Command Node to force the Landscape orientation (SLAND).

I use the LOCL printer to print my report.

Is there any other set up to do? In SPAD, in the ABAP program or physically on the printer or else?

Thank you for your answers.

Best regards,