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Mar 15, 2005 at 10:12 AM

Internal table to XLS to email



A lot of postings here and on other SAP communities are talking about email and attachment issues. But a proper answer to my problem i haven't found yet.

Problem : i'm having an internal table (with text, amount, currencies, dates, so different formats) and i want to send it as a 'real' excel file (not as tab delimited or csv file, but as real excel with the correct formats) to an email receiver. The columns with amount and currencies should work correctly after opening the file in Excel.

The main problem is to convert the internal table to an binary internal table (max record length 255) of type excel. By the way, i also need it in background.

I don't know if the MIME format is binary, but a convert from internal table to MIME (corresponding to the excel attachment) is also possible ?