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Oct 14, 2011 at 09:29 AM

Customer Vendor Intergration ( CVI)


Hi All,

We currently have this requirement in our project where there are fields on the Vendor Master which are not part of the BP Master and these fields are necessary in order to complete the creation of a Vendor Business Partner from a central location.

The requirement is that these fields be populated on the BP level and replicated back on to the Vendor Master.The business partner must also be able to display the data that already exists on the Vendor master. This data is editable.

Current Business Practise

Is the Vendor Master is handled outside the BP Master and these two entities need to be commbined using CVI.

The actual fields on the Vendor Master which donot appear on the BP are:

LFA1-XLFZA Spec per Reference

LFB1-XLFZB Alt.payee(doc)




In short How do we add extra fileds on the Vendor - BP Intergration or Vice versa ?

I have used the EEWB on BP side but the problem is the fields gets stored on the BUT000 table whilst we want them to be stored on the Vendor side.

Does anyone know if there is an SAP Vendor CUstomer Intergration (VCI) Cookbbok?