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Oct 14, 2011 at 07:11 AM

Changing the type of account after posting


Hello, everybody

I have created a balance shseet account and made a couple of postings. But now? i need to chsnge such account into P&L statement account.


"Change balance sheet control in spite of account balance

Message no. FH602


You have changed the G/L account from a "balance sheet account" to a "P&L account" or conversely.

The balance of the account is, however, not zero.


Check your entries.

If the G/L account was already posted in the previous year, execute the balance carryforward again for the current fiscal year. (program SAPF011).


You cannot execute the balance carryforward again for fiscal years that have already endedn, as this would also change the balance sheet / general ledger account for these fiscal years.

Technical Note

The phrase "Balance carryforward for fiscal year X" means that you start the balance carryforward program and set te 'carryforward to fiscal year' parameter to 'X'."

Please, help me/ What i should to to change this account or remake it?

Thanks in advance