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ITS help – Screen UI is not good after publishing to ITS service

Hello I have developed the Module pool screen and deployed in ITS service. But when i look in Its mobile Screen looks disturbed UI is not good

Please see the below screen shot

Materiel, Plant input fields are very small.

warehouse number only single digits is visible.

But When I see SAP screens its looks beautiful.

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1 Answer

  • Jan 27, 2017 at 10:25 PM

    You will have to play around with the CSS, fonts, font-sizes, the element factors that size the fonts and also there is a function called "width" under the ITSMOBILE internet service that you can change to get the widths the way you want. Just remember changing one setting here often changes the way the elements balance which will force you to adjust another setting.

    The standard CSS is under ITSMOBILE -> Topic 99 -> Mime Objects -> Styles. The element factors, you can Google for help - they are ~ITSMOBILEELEMFACTOR and ~ITSMOBILEELEMUNITS. The standard function are in ITSMOBILE -> Topic 99 -> HTML Templates

    With the functions and styles, you will have to make copies to you own Internet service and then modify them. The element factors go ideally in your SICF service parameters (aka GUI settings).

    PS - Other suggestions.

    • Change the tags to ABAP Development and or Logistics Execution, you would get more help
    • This appears to be a custom RF program. If you have the warehouse, do you really need the plant and storage location?
    • Get rid of the check box and the cancel button on the top right (include CUAAREA). If someone accidentally touches the corner of the screen, you don't want to cancel what you are doing.
    • Assign function keys to your OK, Other and Back.... depending on your environment, it may be much easier for users to hit the physical buttons than peck at an old resistive touch screen - Especially if the screen is not calibrated properly after every hard reboot.
    • Have only one field active at a time and move the cursor along for the user to what they have to enter. I have done 100s of RF screens and not come across a situation where the user absolutely needed more than one field at a time open for input.
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