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Oct 14, 2011 at 04:02 AM

Solution Manger 7.1 setup LMDB synchronization error


Hello Experts,

I have a problem, with the setup LMDB. Configured the LMDB Content Synchronization Configuration and Migration of SMSY data into LMDB successfully Updated the latest Cim files also.

Model Version (sld/active): 1.6.16

SAP CR Content Version (sld/active): SAP_CR 7.4 (produced 09/05/2011)

but in SOLMAN_SETUP step 6.5

Content synchronization from SLD to LMDB is not finished (progress 0%) it is the current status.

and the job SAP_LMDB_LDB_0000000001 failed and the log is this:

DateTimeMessage textMessage class Message no. Message type

13.10.2011 22:30:29 Job started 00 516 S

13.10.2011 22:30:31 Step 001 started (program AI_LMDB_R_SYNC_RUNNER, variant LDB_0000000001, user ID SOLMAN_BTC) 00 550 S

13.10.2011 22:30:31 Cannot read HTTP Connection LMDB_SyncDest1 LMDB_CONFIG 014 E

13.10.2011 22:30:31 Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE 00 564 A

When I test the RFC: LMDB_SyncDest1 in the SM59 the connection is succesfull

Detail Value

Satus HTTP Response 200

Sattus Text OK

Duration Test Cal 93 ms

Please help me,

Best Regards