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Mar 14, 2005 at 11:09 PM

Using mult. sch. lines (sizes) with diff. VAS items with /AFS/ORDERS05 IDOC


Hello All,

Have got several questions related to the title and am hoping that someone that has encountered these issues came upon a solution. Background: We are on Enterprise 4.6C and using the AFS solution. I am attempting to create sales orders (inbound to SAP) through the use of IDOC's - specifically using the /AFS/ORDERS05 IDOC. I currently have my system already set up and am testing the IDOC inbound procedure - however, am getting mixed results - in that it creates the sales order, but need to be able to associate VAS items to a item/schedule line differently.

1) Is there any documentation and examples to (/AFS/ORDERS05) that I can be pointed to (outside of WE60) that shows how to create a multiple line order with various VAS entries? If so, then I may be able to figure out some of the below myself. Much confusion is had as to which fields on which segments need to be populated in order to correctly build an order!

2) It looks like SAP will only allow you to have one unique material per order. In other words, i've created several (IDOC) lines with the same material number, with different sizes ("S", "M", "XXL"). This is so that the line item is created with the three separate schedule lines reflecting the different material sizes (in this case shirts). For these IDOC line items - I've associated a couple of VAS spec. services lines -- and they are linked to all three line item/sched. lines. What I would then like to do is have another IDOC line item (same material number) - same size ("S"), but a completely different/new VAS spec. services line. Is this possible to do? - if so how (how do I work the various fields on the IDOC segments to point to the correct Items/VAS's)?

3) Somewhat related to question two above -- how do you link different VAS entries on a line item to various schedule lines?

Thanks much in advance and if you are this deep into the coding world - go have a beer and come back to your computer and finish coding...:-)