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Oct 13, 2011 at 10:11 PM

XML Payload to Transaction Input



For clarification, used to be (and still appears to be) that for transaction input properties, data type needed to be 'simple' (ie: string etc), and although we can have transaction input properties of type XML, they still appear in the WSDL as string. Although I can see that this works fine even if the string content is actually XML, and the inbound data (which in fact is XML as a string) still looks like XML in the transaction, is this still the recommended approach? Or is there another recommended way to get an XML payload passed in to a transaction using Runner / SOAPRunner from an external application.

Additionally, when calling the Runner (or SOAPRunner) from an external application, is there then any limit to the length of the URI call? I know that browsers have limits on the path, but here we're playing with a path + query string outside of browsers?

Are there any limitations on the Netweaver side?

By the way, currently using MII V12.2.2