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Oct 13, 2011 at 08:09 PM

BIA/BWA - sizing with one period data?


Hi All,

We have already a system that is about to go-live in 2 weeks.

We realized that some of the reports are running slow and need to boost the performance.

Now, we need to add BWA on that.

We have 21 cubes. But, we want to choose 5 cubes to be part of BWA.

We have only one period of data in the each of the 5 cubes.

The question is:

To size the BWA system, if we size the memory & Disk Space by using the program RSDDTREX_MEMORY_ESTIMATE, by multiplying the program result based on the one period of data, by 2 and 3, respectively, would that be enough?

Or do we need to multiply the result by the number of periods that we are going to store in the cube, e.g., by 12, for one year, by 24 for 2 years, by 36 for 3 years, etc...?

Also, let's say for cube 1: it's 300 GB memory required, and 500 GB Disk space required, and for cube # 2, it's 400 GB memory required, and 700 GB disk space required, then can I say the total requirement of BWA server is just add the two numbers, which is 700GB RAM and 1.2 TB Disk space?

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,

- Shashi