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Oct 13, 2011 at 07:16 PM

How to find the details of the BPC process running in SM37 and SM50


We had BPC performance issues and noticed that there are some process or batch jobs that are kicked from BPC that runs longer and kind of hanging. SM37 and SM50 provides some information like job name, how long it is running. Job name is kind of cryptic and the user name is always BPC_SYSADMIN and not able to get any additional information. Is there a way to find more details about the job/process that is running (whether it is a input template and which input template, whether it is a DM package and which package, whether it a report/EVDRE and which one etc. Plus the BPC user name)?

Couple of times, the user received the error message u201CSystem error: -2146697205u201D after it ran for a while.