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Oct 13, 2011 at 07:59 AM

WORKLOAD ANALYSIS (INTROSCOPE DATA) - Error when opening an RFC connection


Hi all SDNers,

Help is needed on error "WORKLOAD ANALYSIS (INTROSCOPE DATA) - Error when opening an RFC connection".

This error occured on RCA -> Extractor FWK administration and go to managed system (PI) and from the log, i can see some extraction failed due to error message " Error when opening an RFC connection"

consequently, JAVA performance data is not appearing in RCA -> workload analysis but work fine for ABAP and adapter engine.

I've followed below notes and perform the troubleshooting step by step by still to no avail:

Note 1332428 - Missing data in service sessions from BI/CCDB

Note 1257308 - FAQ: Using EarlyWatch Alert

Note 1274287 - End-to-End Diagnostics 7.0 EHP1 SP18 to SP27

Note 1265070 - Diagnostics - Setup of Managed Systems

Note 1010428 - End-to-End Diagnostics

steps that have performed:

restarted agent

enlarge RFC resource cap for solmandiag and none

delete entire SID in SMSY and pull again from SLD, re-setup managed system

restart PI system

i've spent 2 days on troubleshooting this issue but lack of information in SMP and SDN, even in google.

in table E2E_EFWK_STATUS and extractor E2E_JAVA_EXTRACTOR_IF, i see all WLI_ID ended with RC 96, MESSAGE = Error when opening an RFC connection and LASTRECORDS = 0

I strongly believe this is the issue that causing no applicable data found for JAVA data.

fyi, we are on SOLMAN EHP1 SPS27.

Any kind advise is most welcome.


Nicholas Chang